Ryman Auditorium Rules

You can make the most of your visit to the Ryman Auditorium by keeping the following rules and policies in mind.

Animals Policy

Ryman Auditorium welcomes designated service animals.

Accessibility Policy

The Main Floor and Balcony of the Ryman has available accessible seating. Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for patrons with accessibility needs and their companions. When you order your tickets, you may request one (1) accessible seat and one (1) companion seat. When available, seats for additional guests and groups will be made as close to the accessible seating as possible.

Complimentary wheelchair escorts are available to guests with special needs by request. Escorts are available at any entry point. Your escort will not remain with you during the entire show but will provide assistance getting to your ticketed area. If you bring your wheelchair, then the Ryman offers wheelchair storage if you want to move from your wheelchair to your ticketed seat.

Sign language interpretation is available with three weeks notice.

To request the above services or to ask any questions, please call the Ryman at 615-889-3060.

Dismissal Policy

The Ryman Auditorium expects guests to be respectful of others. The Ryman staff reserves the right to immediately eject individuals who interfere with the right of other guests to enjoy shows and events. If a guest refuses to leave, then the Ryman reserves the right to involve Metro Police. Standing on pews or other building structures is not permitted and may also result in immediate rejection. Standing in aisles and doorways are also prohibited.

Food and Beverage Policy

Outside food and drink are not permitted on the premises. Food may be purchased at Cafe Lula and includes its famous Nashville Hot Chicken, side dishes, and items made by the in-house culinary team. The cafe is open daily with extended hours during Ryman events.

Lost and Found Policy

If you have lost an item while still in the building, please contact Ryman security for assistance with locating the item. If you discover you’ve lost an item after you leave, call Ryman at 615-458-8700 and leave a message with your name, contact information (Name and Address), description of the item lost, and details on when and what event you were attending when the item was lost. Ryman Auditorium assumes no responsibility for any lost items.

Photo and Video Policy

Event promoters or performers set the rules for cameras and recordings for each event. Ryman Auditorium recommends checking your ticket to see if the policy is listed. If photography is allowed, Ryman Auditorium allows you to bring in a digital, disposable, or 35mm camera. Professional cameras with detachable or telephoto lenses are prohibited for any reason.

During self-guided tours of the Ryman, cameras are allowed. Cameras are not permitted during Backstage Tours.

Prohibited Items

Ryman Auditorium prohibits certain items from entry to the venue. The list of items include:

Refund Policy

The Ryman has a no refund, no exchange policy on tickets for all shows and events.

Smoking Policy

Ryman Auditorium adheres to Tennessee state law and prohibits smoking at the venue. Ignition of open flames is also prohibited. Designated outside areas are available for smoking. This policy includes e-cigarettes, vapes, and similar paraphernalia.